My Modular Synth

I am in the process of building my own modular synth. I chose to go with the Entry System because its a well thought out system and costs less than buying all the parts separately.

I decided to upgrade form the regular cabinet to a portable cabinet because I plan on taking my modular to Michael's studio when I actually have enough parts to make some noise :)

Here is the cabinet that arrived in August of 2010.

Currently I have a Q137 Power Control and Interface module and my Q104 MIDI Interface should be arriving any day now.

Power Module Box (Thought I was ordering a synth not an accordion LOL but not to worry the folks @ packaged it very well).

And here it is with the power module in and fired up.

And next month I get my first Q106 Oscillator so i can FINALLY make some noise!

Ok its been awhile and as you can see i have MORE MODULES!! Just got my filter!

Can listen to one of my first tracks with filter here:

Yay Envelope Generator #2!!

Jeff Wojciechowski,
Feb 12, 2012, 4:39 PM